Economic Development

Job Creation

Due to the continuing exodus of college educated people 22-34 years of age we must do a better job of providing employment opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors to retain and recruit them.  The partnership between colleges, universities, employers and communities must nurture and support job creation. An example of this would be a focus on mobility and career options available in these new industries.

Workforce and Talent Development

Michigan has a strong workforce and talent development pipeline. However we need to improve our focus on talent development regarding the use of soft skills and increase access to include underrepresented communities.  The partnership of educational institutions, businesses and communities need to establish a focus on the development and implementation of the necessary skills for successful employment.

Pay Equity

Women and men should be paid the same for doing the same work.  To do otherwise is discriminatory.

Working Families

The Pew Research Center reports that the number of middle class families is declining. This change is directly linked to income inequality and means that the middle class is no longer the economic majority in the U.S.  In 2014, the median income of U.S. households was 8% less than it was 1999.  For Michigan families the report indicates a 10%-14% decrease in income.

It is important that our community takes action to combat low and minimum wages. I will work to protect the wages of workers and promote pathways to full employment.

Small Business

Small businesses are the foundation of our local economy. They serve to provide goods, services and employment throughout our community. I will work with small business owners to support their sustainability.